Test Equipment

This is an overview of the test equipment for power electronic circuits from AixControl GmbH. For several applications there weren’t the correct tools available on the market. Some have several functions you do not need, but don’t have all functions you need. Others do not provide the desired performance or accuracy or are simply too pricy. Consequently some tools were developed in-house and are presented in the following.


Laboratory PWM generator

The AixControl PWM Generator is a simple tool which allows to generate a pulse with modulated signal for start-up or service tests. It provides two complementary outputs with an adjustable dead time, as well as a trigger output for the oscilloscope or other measurement equipment. The output is either optical or electrical.
The basic technic data is as follows:

For example the outputs of the PWM-Generator allow to interface a simple buck or boost converter. Hence it can also ideal suited for educational use.