XPB 1900/1400

XPB 1900/1400 Powerblock

The XPB 1900/1400 power block is a universal 1.7 MVA H-bridge converter with high power density. It was originally developed for induction furnaces, therefore the DC-link capacitors can withstand very high ripple currents. The powerblock contains 4 IGBT modules connected to an H-bridge. The water cooled inverter is design for output currents up to 1400 Arms at 1 kHz switching frequency at a DC-link voltage of 1900 V. For high power applications the DC connection tabs enable an easy paralleling with low inductance. Due to the compact dimensions of the powerblock up to three inverters can be stacked and connected in a standard cabinet (800 x 800 x 2000 mm). The powerblock features an EMI robust control via optical fibers. Furthermore, several protective functions (supply undervoltage, IGBT short-circuit, overcurrent and overtemperature) have been implemented.

circuit topology
Parallel connection of three inverters in one cabinet